Sodae is known for serving Soda and a range of Desserts to our community. From cola to a cake, we satisfy our customers with not only our products but with our unique customer service.


Our staff is professionally trained to serve our customers and provide satisfaction at all times. We hire using our Recruitment Centre.


At Sodae, we think communication with our community is extremely important. Therefore, we created the Sodae Forums. The forums are a safe place, moderated 24/7.


Sodae is ROBLOX's first Soda Bar. We're known for serving a range of refreshing, delightful Soda. Since our group is unique to the community, we want to put our 100% into this group, which is why we think we are successful.

We are a unique business, having a different style of running a group. We are better than our competition, that's why we guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Partners are successful businesspeople that help Sodae grow into a community. We are always trying to find new groups to become Partners with so we help both groups grow.